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Although the COVID-19 epidemic has disrupted our world in unprecedented ways, some parts of public life go on. Conditions have required the Townsend Republican Town Committee to change some of the ways we interact with our friends in the community, but we remain committed to the principles of freedom and opportunity.

This is still a Presidential Election Year, so stay tuned!

Have general questions about the Republican Party? Many answers may be found on our FAQ page.

If you would like to get in touch with the Townsend Republican Town Committee, send email to <>.

Rasmussen Presidential Approval Tracking Poll

Comparing President Trump with former President Obama, the Rasmussen organiz­ation compared polls of how voters approved of each president, over the same elapsed time during each admin­istration.

As of September 14, 2020, 51% of likely voters in the United States approved of President Trump’s job performance, where­as, on September 14 of 8-years-previous 2012, President Obama’s approval per­cent­age was 48%.

(The Rasmussen organization tracks voter sentiment on the President's performance.)

Under normal conditions the Townsend Republican Town Committee typically meets during the third week of each month, usually in Townsend's Memorial Hall (the town hall).

If you would like to get in touch with the committee, send email to <>.

You can follow the Townsend RTC on Twitter: @TownsendMAGOP.

For information on the Massachusetts Republican Committee (the state organization), see

For the Republican National Committee, see

 State Senator Dean Tran enjoys a jest
 offered by Governor Charlie Baker at
 a campaign event.