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In Memoriam

Albert N. “Tubby” Boucher passed away on November 7, 2023. With a career in public life that stretched to 70 years, Tubby rend­ered unsurpass­able service to his town, state, and nation. Beginning during the presi­dential admin­istration of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Tubby grew up and grew into many different roles in politics, including a tour of duty in Washing­ton, D.C. while working on the staff of U.S. Sena­tor Edward Brooke. In his later years, he had become a senior advisor and friend to many partici­pants in public life in Massachusetts.

We of the Townsend Republican Town Com­mit­tee are grateful for the decades of his partici­pation in our com­mittee, including the years of his leader­ship as vice-chair and chair.

In the Public Square

2023 has been an “Off Year”, during which local/municipal elections were held. On the horizon is A.D. 2024, a Presidential Election Year.

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The Townsend Republican Town Committee typically meets during the third week of each month, usually in Townsend’s Memorial Hall (the town hall).

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