These Candidates Deserve Your Vote on November 6!

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Rick Green Rick Green
running for the
U.S. Congress
(House of Representatives)
Rick Green grew up in Pepperell, graduating from North Middlesex High School in 1988. While launching a successful Internet e-commerce website, he learned firsthand how regulation by government can stifle a new business. He understands that only a free market can expand the options for people who need jobs. And, as a founder of the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, Rick has helped expose the seedy shadows of insider maneuvering. But he also knows that government must play its proper role, of which a vital part is to fix our aging roads and bridges.
Geoff Dielhl Geoff Diehl
running for the
U.S. Senate
Geoff Diehl first appeared on center stage in Massachu­setts in 2014, when he led the effort to “Tank the Gas Tax”, a grassroots ballot-question drive which halted a robotic upward-ratcheting of pump prices. In 2015, he led a bi-partisan alliance that prevented a wily insider scheme from using public money in bidding for the Olympic games. Geoff has a comprehensive plan for stopping illegal immigration, an objective of letting families have a choice in their health-care coverage, and a dedication to defeating the drug-addiction epidemic.
Charlie Baker Charlie Baker
running for re-election as Governor of Massachusetts
Since his election as governor in 2014, Charlie Baker has tirelessly labored to improve the lives of all who live in Massachusetts. His success is shown by the creation of new jobs, by the surplus in the state budget, by the improved support for public schools, by the beginning of reforms to the MBTA, and by the start of a multi-front battle against the opioid crisis.
Karyn Polito Karyn Polito
running for re-election as Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts
Karyn Polito shares with Charlie Baker a fundamental belief and understanding that the success of Massachusetts is driven by the strength of its 351 cities and towns. Part of her emphasis has been to make sure that local aid is delivered to municipalities, so that important decisions are made locally.
Anthony Amore Anthony Amore
running for Massachusetts Secretary of State
Anthony Amore wants the government to be accountable to the people, which can happen only when the people know what the government is actually doing. He intends to blow away the fog that has hidden the dealings of the entrenched insiders. And, having served in the U.S. Department of Home­land Security, he knows that one of the most impor­tant jobs of the Secretary of State is to keep elect­ions fair and honest, and to guard the value of each ballot rightly cast by American citizens, old and new.
Keiko Orrall Keiko Orrall
running for Massachusetts State Treasurer
As a former teacher and as a mother, Keiko Orrall knows how important good relationships are to solving problems, but as a State Representative she has not been afraid to tackle the hardest problems of government. Now Keiko wants to sweep out the waste and inefficency of the Treasury — recently made conspicuous by the incumbent’s decision to move the State Lottery headquarters to higher-cost offices that offer no visible benefit.
Jay McMahon Jay McMahon
running for Massachusetts Attorney General
During his 30 years of legal experience, Jay McMahon has practiced trial law in every court in the state. He knows that the State Attorney General’s job is to prosecute crime — and especially to go after government corruption — not to seek publicity by filing dubious lawsuits against the federal government.
Helen Brady Helen Brady
running for Massachusetts State Auditor
As the state government often appears to have become a one-sided club for career politicians, Helen Brady wants to make it accountable to voters, so that the dollars extracted from taxpayers are spent wisely. Her experience as business director of the Boston Pops Orchestra has taught her how to be a good steward of resources, while balancing the interests of many stakeholders.
Dean Tran Dean Tran
running for re-election as State Senator for the Worcester & Middlesex district
As a first-generation American whose parents sacrificed all their possessions to leave war-torn Vietnam, Dean Tran is deeply aware of the blessings and freedoms that all Americans share. In his experience both in private enterprise and in the public square, he has shown a commitment to hard work and accountability to voters who depend on him to defend their interests.
Sheila Harrington Sheila Harrington
running for re-election as State Representative in the 1st Middlesex district
Sheila Harrington serves the people of the First Middlesex House District as a member of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, the House & Joint Committees on Rules, and the House Committee on Personnel and Administration.
Jen Caissie Jennie L. Caissie
running for re-election as Governor’s Councillor for the 7th district
Serving as a Governor’s Councillor, Jen Caissie has been a watchdog for victims’ rights, has opposed the appointment of activist judges, and has raised the bar of quality for appointments to be a judge, magistrate, or parole-board member. She has insisted that all nominees testifying before the Council swear an oath “to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

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